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An Interview with Curtis Caudle, Representing London – Team A

How long have you been with Canadian Property Stars now?

For about a month and a half now. I joined up – my buddy got me into it. I absolutely love it, for two reasons. One – obviously first and foremost is the money. I'm a student and I need money! I've made more at this job then at any other job I've ever had. Two – I'm not necessarily a people person, or at least I never was. This job forces me out of my comfort zone, and I love things that do that. They help me grow as a person, so yeah this job has been awesome for me!

I've never been so fired up. Mr. Stewart, all the leaders there just really get me fired up and ready to go. I've never felt like that so early in the morning. I just love it, the atmosphere is great.

What is your prediction for this week – how do you think London is going to do?

London is going to take it. We've got a great team. Our captain Chris is probably the best person here and everyone else here is awesome. I'm really excited about our chances.

Slow day yesterday – are you going to turn it around?

Oh absolutely. It's only uphill from here – it's only going to get better!

Good luck!