Property Stars Testimonials

"Great job, great people, great atmosphere."

Girl working for Property Stars sharing experiences

Kaaras Nannings

Not only has she made tons of cash, but Kaaras has also learned many valuable skills while working out of the Surrey location of Canadian Property Stars. She loves the atmosphere and the great co-workers, as well as the opportunity to stay in shape with this job.


"An opportunity to really achieve my potential."

Young man speaking positively about Property Stars

Ronan Byrne

For Ronan, his time at Property Stars has always been an opportunity more than a job. The positive environment and competitive spirit of the company have helped Ronan in finding and achieving his full potential.


"Everything is amazing here."

Property Stars employee interviewed while working

John McNally

The amazing people and environment at Property Stars is what helped John get his life back on track. After only four months, he's known as "The Prodigy" on the Canadian Property Stars team. He highly recommends this job if you're looking for a place to fulfill strong career goals!


"All the leaders here really get me fired up and ready to go."

Interview with staff member on the street

Curtis Caudle

A job at Property Stars has helped Curtis earn the cash he needs as a student. In addition to the financial gain, Curtis has found his employment to be an opportunity to grow his skills, both at work and in everyday life. Curtis is full of motivation and sees every day as a new challenge.